Welcome to our global lobbying platform for Tigray

Who we are?

We are a group of Global Tigrayan advocates who in 2020 formed the non-politically aligned advocacy group, 24 Hours for Tigray.

What we do?

Our primary focus is advocating for an end to the Ethiopian and Eritrean regimes’ Genocide on Tigray. The Tigray Genocide has been unleasing unspeakable terrors on the people of Tigray since November 2020 and has resulted in devastating human loss and colossal infrastructural damage.

What we aspire?

We will continue to raise awareness about the Tigray Genocide and advocate to ensure that the people of Tigray get the Justice they deserve.

Be part of the 24 hours global coalition

24 hours is a global coalition of Tigrayan diaspora groups and people concerned about the appalling conflict that has engulfed Tigray and continues to impact Tigrayans living elsewhere in Ethiopia and abroad. So sign up to be part of our campaign - and save a link to this site. We'll be posting videos and updates.

Background to the conflict in Tigray

This report takes a look at some of the background to the conflict that engulfed Tigray last November 

Tigray - death of a people

Tigray is the scene of the most acute humanitarian crisis of our time. Rape and famine are being used as weapons of war against a civilians who are being bombarded by the combined military forces of Ethiopia and Eritrea with support from Amhara militia. Over 60,000 Tigrayan people have fled to Sudan, almost as many have been killed, 10,500 women have been raped, and 4.5 million people are on the brink of famine. All this has happened since the Ethiopian government led by Abiy Ahmed marched his army into Tigray in November 2020.Meanwhile the world has stood by and watched. We are calling on people of good will and conscience from around the world to press for:

  • Immediate and full humanitarian access to the whole of Tigray
  • An inclusive national dialogue to reach a sustainable solution
  • Immediate withdrawal of all foreign forces from Tigray
  • An independent investigation into alleged war crimes 

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